Quality website communication is vital for any organisation, and the use of audio and video have become the point of difference for many.

Broadband growth is fuelling an expansion of audio and video use on the internet and without adding audio or video on your website you’re simply one of more than 40-million sites competing for attention.

Through the use of Web Radio, Web TV, individual audio and video segments, you can speak directly to employees, customers and other stakeholders on a regular basis. And importantly, they will be able to watch and listen to the messages at a time which suits them.

It can provide:

  1. New marketing opportunities with national (global) exposure

  2. A consistent, electronic media component to traditional marketing

  3. Tap directly into selected target audiences

  4. Direct feedback and two-way communication

  5. A chance to reach into different revenue streams

  6. Interview “grabs” for the mainstream media


MYOB announcement

When MYOB moved into the web sector

with its new web-hosting and online solutions

it made sense to do it on-line.

We produced several versions of the CEO making

his announcement. One was delivered on memory sticks to selected journalists and a Vodcast was prepared and placed on the MYOB website.

It was recorded as a live broadcast with Q & A, and included an invitation for reporters to call with their own questions.Another version was put on You Tube


Dairy Australia --- You Tube

Dairy Australia is in an on-going battle with Animal Rights groups and various sections of the public who paint a negative health image of milk and its production.

The battle is being fought in part on the internet and sites such as You Tube.

We produced a positive video hosted by a farmer and placed it on You Tube.  As a bonus to normal hits, an international news site picked up and ran with the story, linking back to our clip.

The existing footage can also be recut as a promotional and marketing tool.

Website Audio and Video


Mobile Radiation Report --- VNR / ANR

When the world’s biggest study into the effect of radiation on mobile phone users was released, we were asked to help position the Mobile Manufacturers Forum with global Video and Audio News Releases.

Interviews were conducted in Melbourne, “grabs” edited and placed on a website within hours, available to any media.

A world-wide release with links to the video and audio were then distributed.