Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll understand.
- Confucius

Your session will provide an understanding of the mainstream media; print, radio and TV, and help you develop skills needed to present before each media.

The aim of every interview is to get your message across in a very positive manner. You will learn interview control technique and ways of ensuring your key messages are delivered clearly and concisely.

You will develop techniques for dealing with a microphone or TV camera suddenly thrust before you, how to prepare key messages and how to make the most of the situation - whether it’s an interview over the phone or in a studio.

Professional camera crews, a radio studio setting and TV playback facilities create a realistic media environment for your training. It is important you become familiar with these types of surroundings and the problems you may encounter in them. This is the most effective way of learning the "tricks of the trade".

Training is recorded for replay and discussion and individual DVDs and manuals are provided to participants.

Sessions are tailored to your needs. Ideally training is for a half or full day for a group of 3-6 participants. However, we have conducted successful training for individuals and larger groups in sessions varying from two hours to two days.

Media Training